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Power Supply Name PSU Part Number SMPS Category Power Supply Description
G-Series  390-G-6    Single and Three Phase AC Power Sources Models from 6 kVA to 90 kVA,45 to 5000 Hz 
FC Series  FC100    New low-cost frequency converters allow users to duplicate world-wide power for export produc 
APC-H031 series  APC-H031     Half brick encapsulated converter. 30W, 87% efficiency also 12V & 15V output version at 50W a 
MS Series  3060-MS    Solid State Frequency Converter Models from 62.5 to 625 kVA, 47 to 500 Hz 
AMX Series  125AMX    The AMX Series is a family of High Performance Linear AC power sources covering the power ran 
TS Series  80 Models: 15 kW to 45 kW  AC/DC  Magna-Power Electronics TS SERIES combines the best of dc power processing with multiprocesso 
MPM-842P  MPM-842P  AC/DC  400-watt medical grade ATX power supply 
MPI-810H  MPI-810H  AC/DC  85W fan-less 1U ATX power supply 
MPI-806H  MPI-806H  AC/DC  60W fan-less 1U ATX power supply 
CompactPCI  CPCI  AC/DC  The CPCI series are the industry's leading CompactPCI AC/DC power supplies delivering up to 5 
AL242  00024AL242OM  AC/DC  Power supplies in:24Vac out:0-24V 2A 48W AC-DC adjustable  
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