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APC-3000 series  APC-3000-R  Motor Drives  1U 19" rack AC:DC upto 3,000W or 2,000W N+1 48, 54.5 or 56.2V outputs. Four stacked shelves  
1.5W & 2.5W PCB Mount DC-DC Converter  MM1.5W or MM2.5W  DC/DC Converters  8 different maximum voltage ratings from 300V to 10,000V 
1000 Watt 48 Vdc Power Supply  OPS-1000-48  General  91% efficient, 14 Watts per cubic inch, no thermal deration, high reliability, light weight,  
100FR  100FR  DC/DC Converters  Commercial dc/dc converters 
100HFS  100HFS  DC/DC Converters  1W dc/dc converter 
100VFI  100VFI  DC/DC Converters  1.5W, single & dual outputs, 4000VDC Isolation, 24 Pin SIP 
100VFS  100VFS  DC/DC Converters  3000VDC Isolation, Mini. SIP 
102A  102A  AC/DC  1kJ/sec OEM style capacitor charging power supply 
10A - 25A Series  Varies according to model and accessories  DC/DC Converters  High Voltage Bias from 0 to 10kV through 0 to 25kV @ 0 to 4 Watts, 15 Watts, & 30 Watts 
12 Volt DC Waterproof PSU Range  T4467AD  AC/DC  12 VDC, 1 - 5 Amp Waterproof Switch mode Power supply range manufactured in the UK. Suitab 
1200W Front End - Rectifier  CAR1248  Telecom Rectifiers  1200 W front end - rectifier, 19watts per cubic inch 
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