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Today I noticed a posting on SMPS Power Supplies group, post that was only tangentially relevant to the group. When I checked the name of the person posting the article, it was not listed as a group member! Unpleasantly surprised by the fact that an unapproved article by a non-member of the group is posted on the group that I initiated and feel responsible for the content and membership, I decided to have a closer look at the new Groups features. Below are my comments, in quotation marks being the LinkedIn Groups feature:

- "Conversations won't show up in search engine results" - I disagree with this policy. My opinion is that group members and non LinkedIn members would benefit tremendously if the LinkedIn Groups discussions are widely available to everybody on the internet to read and searchable by any search engine.
- "All Groups Are Now Private Groups" - I disagree that professional conversations content should be only visible to group members and forbidden to the public at large. We should not encourage the darknet type of Internet.
- "All Groups Are Now Members-Only Groups" - I disagree with joining the group by invitation only. Anybody on the internet seeing the group profile and content should be allowed to request to join it.
- "Group members can approve requests to join" - I disagree that any group member should be allowed to approve a request to joint. A request to joint should be reserved to the group Owner and his designated managers.
- "Conversations will now be posted instantly to a group without the need for manager approval" - I disagree. The decision should remain with the group Owner and his designated managers.
- "LinkedIn has improved the filtering of spammy and low-quality content" - I disagree. Filtering should be decided by the group owner, his designated managers and by members flagging inappropriate comments.

There are many outstanding professionals members of the SMPS Power Supplies group that have their own websites or blogs that are under their full control. I would suggest those members to promote more aggressively their websites' content and rely less on a single corporation posting platform. For many years we have encourage Power Electronics professionals to post articles on:


The articles posted on the www.SMPS.com are fully searchable by any search engine, and could link to additional content on your own website.
Date 12/11/2015 9:48:29 AM 
Author Darius Livescu 
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Should investors short LinkedIn?
Author Chen D 
Date 12/11/2015 1:20:14 PM 


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