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Topic SMPS acronym on Google search 

Have you tried a search on Google for SMPS? Most of the search results in the first 10 pages are for the "Society for Marketing Professional Services". It sounds weird; more like a paid advertising. Should the power electronics industry change the SMPS acronym to something else?

Have you tried the same search on Bing, Yahoo or Ask? Which search engine do you think is providing the most relevant results? Share your experience with us.
Date 7/22/2012 11:14:13 PM 
Author Darius 
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Response topic SMPS acronym on Google search  
Same thing is true of "Switching Converter," which is also some kind of digi-widget or other....
Author William I. Behen 
Date 9/4/2012 4:15:19 PM 
Response topic SMPS acronym 
One of my old friend has the same name as a world superstar. Luckily both of them belong to same profession. My friend is also famous at country level. He has not changed his name. Instead he has added one word in his name and love it if some one talk to him with this added name.

One organization in which I have worked (before starting my consultancy business for SMPS)there was a professor with the same name as my. He was my direct boss. So I felt some kind of pressure dealing with different scenarios. But I don't forget that it was him who selected me for the job.

I also worked in a sports organization which has the same abbreviation of its name as the name of a different sports organization that I practice. I love to introduce some one with my sports organization that I practice.

The business name that I use and registered at country level is same as another organization's but in another country and with different product. It does not matter any confusion for me to continue using this name so far.

So the moral of the story is yes, it effects the industry if they have same name but different outcome. I love it if some one continue using the name SMPS for switch mode power supplies. This world is full of coincidences and one who can manage to work with them is a successful person in my dictionary.
Author Azeem 
Date 8/7/2012 10:38:48 AM 


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