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Topic Closing the LinkedIn forum 
Author Darius Livescu 
Date 12/15/2015 5:31:49 PM 
I regret to inform the members of the LinkedIn SMPS Power Supplies group that I will be shutting it down. After long consideration I concluded that a for-profit corporate controlled forum is not the optimal platform to widely and freely disseminate technical information. In order to lessen the impact of the group's closing, I am giving a two week notice, until December 31, 2015. After that date current members will no longer be able to access the previously posted content.

I consider LinkedIn currently to be the best platform for technology professionals to post their resumes, get credit for their accomplishments, get endorsements from their colleagues and managers, and gain credibility that a resume not widely available and scrutinized on the Internet could not achieve. Human Resources personnel should benefit tremendously by having all these resumes available for "free".

For technical content however, a series of not-for-profit forums, unrestrictedly searchable on the internet, managed by people with wide, proven experience in a particular technical domain, should help technical communities be much more effective. I am advocating that all Power Electronics professionals with enough experience and available time start their own forum they own, control and for which they also create original content. To start with, I would suggest to visit our forum at: http://www.SMPS.com/News/ . Also search the internet to find other Power Electronics forums that might be better focused on your particular area of interest. On the SMPS.com forum we will unrestrictedly allow or post ourselves links to similar Power Electronics forums and will never consider them "competitors," but rather, colleagues.

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