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About the company

Founded in 2010, PT Solar System Indonesia promotes the use of solar power as an alternative energy for solar water heating. Through our own brand SunnyTech, we try to encourage people to be more aware of their environment with the benefit of saving money.

PT Solar Systems ambition is to design and create reliable systems that either provide alternative energy on remote islands or save money and take care of the environment.

Weather it is a simple residential water filtration, solar water heater, solar powered pool pump, solar submersible pump, grid tied Solar Photovoltaic systems, off grid solar systems or an integrated solar hydrosolution in order to power an entire community we are passionate to offer you a practical and reliable solution.

Leaders in providing costume designed premier energy systems throughout Indonesia and South - East - Asia, PT Solar System presents and offers solutions from initial consultation, energy and water assessments, to conception and design, supply, installation and maintenance.

Based of our previous experience on Bali, we are well versed in systems specifically designed for conditions under tropical-climates and developing infrastructures.


Our goal is it to make the people more aware of the benefits of using renewable energy resources. That is why we are also spending a lot of effort to make sure that our customers understand the process how our systems are working.


Refuel economic innovation and join with us an ecology minded future.

Our team

We care about the environment and about the future of our planet. With sharing the idea of using solar technic we want to safe our children's future. We strive to deliver quality products with an excellent service to every client.

PT Solar System has served many resorts, villas, industrial buildings and residential places with its sustainable solutions. Supported by German technology we designed our own brand, SunnyTech is preferred for its excellent performance and durability.
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