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Summary Standalone Solar Power Supply Systems: Design and Installation 
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Standalone Solar Power Systems: Design & Installation Course
(For Off-grid and Rooftop solar power projects)
20-24 July 2015, Chennai, India

Overview of the Course:

Low performance and poor operational condition is one of the biggest issues the solar PV power projects worldwide. A Large number of PV systems are under performing due to poor site selection, system design faults, frequent equipment failure, low solar irradiation access, unplanned grid failure or equipment mismatching. Some of these issues are external and often not in the hands of the system designer but most of them are because of poor design practices, inadequate installation planning or incomplete understanding.

GSES India is organising a 5-day intensive training on "Standalone Solar Power Supply Systems: Design and Installation" in association with the National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE), Velachery, Chennai under the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India on 20-24 July 2015. The course will be conducted at NIWE campus, Chennai and it will cover design and installation aspects of off-grid and rooftop PV systems.

The aim of the course is to provide industry professionals, PV engineers and individuals wishing to further their career in the solar industry, hands-on training on step-by-step design and installation procedure of off grid and rooftop PV systems in accordance with international best practices.

Who should attend?

Solar Industry professionals, PV engineers, system designers or anyone else involved with designing/ implementing grid connected PV systems.

Learning Outcomes:

1. Overview of solar PV technology, characteristics of solar modules and quality issues
2. System design requirements and technical specifications as per IEC 62548.
3. Impact of accuracy, reliability of solar radiation data on the plant performance.
4. Battery storage technology and selection of battery
5. System design and component Sizing
6. System protection and safety equipment sizing and selection
7. DC and AC cable sizing, selection and estimation of loss due to voltage drop
8. Site assessment & planning
9. Solar pumping system design
10. Solar micro grids system design
11. Rooftop PV systems design with battery storage
12. PV diesel hybrid system design sizing optimization
13. Complete design task exercise
14. Site visit

Training Methodology:

The course will be delivered in lecture format using PowerPoint, sharing of case examples, design exercises, energy yield estimation exercise, a complete design task and half day site visit to a functional grid connected solar power plant.

Training Materials:

- A copy of GSES 'Standalone Photovoltaic Systems Design and Installation' training manual
- Copies of power point presentations, design tasks, case studies and sample documents
- Equipment, accessories and tools for demonstration


GSES develop and deliver solar PV training courses in accordance with international competency standards and accreditation requirements. On successful completion of the course students receive a certificate of completion.

Course Outline:

Day 1
- PV System Quality Overview and Design Requirement
- Standalone PV System Overview
- Solar Radiation Overview
- Solar PV Technology Overview
- Battery Storage Technology
- Charge controller & Inverter

Day 2
- PV Mounting Systems & Foundations
- Balance of System Overview
- System Design and Component Sizing
- System Protection & Cable Sizing
- Design Task Exercise

Day 3
- Site Assessments & Planning
- Shadow analysis practical
- System Installation & Commissioning best practices video
- Site Visit

Day 4
- Overview of solar Pumping System and Solar PV based micro grids system
- Designing a solar water pumping system
- Designing a solar micro grid project

Day 5
- Overview of rooftop PV systems
- Grid connected rooftop PV systems design
- Rooftop PV systems with battery storage
- PV diesel hybrid system design sizing optimization

GSES Trainers:

Global Sustainable Energy Solutions (GSES) is an Australian-based multi-disciplinary organisation specialising in professional services and training across the Renewable Energies sector and comprises a team of highly experienced systems engineers, designers and installers and accredited trainers. GSES is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia, responsible for development and delivery of Solar PV accreditation training with international competency standards. Principal trainer for this training will be Mr. Dwipen Boruah who is currently Managing Director of GSES India.

About the Trainer:

Dwipen Boruah is the Managing Director of GSES India office based in New Delhi, India. A mechanical engineer and masters in renewable energy from Oldenburg University, Germany, Dwipen has over 24 years of experience in renewable energy planning, project implementation, consultancy and training. His activities include engineering design, project management, procurement management, feasibility and techno economic due diligence, rural village electrification and renewable energy planning.
Date 7/15/2015 
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