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Summary Higher-voltage Direct Current Power-feeding System  
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In this article, we introduce activities aimed at spreading the use of higher-voltage direct current (HVDC) power-feeding systems. We introduce the state of development of HVDC systems, improvements in operability, and standardization trends.

Higher-voltage direct current (HVDC) power-supply technology improves the supply of power to ICT equipment and also contributes to energy savings in the overall system, including aspects such as air conditioning. For these reasons, organizations around the world have begun studying the use of DC power for datacenters, where AC power supply has been the norm.

Compared with AC power, DC power uses fewer conversion stages from AC to DC and from DC to AC, which reduces conversion losses, and the reliability of DC systems is 5 10-7, which is more than an order of magnitude better than that of AC power systems.

A -48-VDC power supply system is already in wide use for telecommunications systems, making maximum use of its energy savings and high reliability. Increasing the voltage to 380 V reduces the amount of current required to supply power, so power cables can be made thinner, which reduces facilities costs for cabling.

Date 7/16/2012 
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