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PI Expert Suite v8.5 consists of three components:

PI Expert: an automated, graphical user interface (GUI) driven program that takes power supply specifications and automatically generates a power conversion solution designed around one of Power Integrations' IC families. PI Expert gives you all of the necessary information to build and test a working prototype. This includes complete working schematic, bill of materials (BOM), board layout recommendations and detailed electrical parameter tabulations. PI Expert also provides a complete magnetic design that includes core size, number of turns, appropriate wire thicknesses and number of parallel wires to be used for each winding. Detailed winding instructions for mechanical assembly are also generated. The program reduces design time from days to minutes.

PI Xls Designer: PI Xls Designer is a spreadsheet based application that gives the power supply designer more control during the design process. Transformer construction support including detailed winding instructions for mechanical assembly is also generated. PI Xls Designer takes input, output and all other necessary design specifications and performs all the necessary calculations to design and evaluate a power conversion solution using Power Integration's ICs.

PI Viewer: a method for viewing design files created with older versions of PI Expert.
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