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Summary Why Wolfspeed? 
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Wolfspeed didn't become the leader in wide bandgap semiconductors overnight.

Our parent company, Cree, Inc., spent 28 years establishing a global brand known for innovation, financial strength and reliable materials sourcing, staffed by the most forward-looking thinkers and doers in any scientific enterprise.

Wolfspeed was born ready, and we're outpacing the competition in every meaningful performance and cost-benefit parameter to provide RF and Power devices to any industry that needs the fastest, smallest, lightest and most efficient semiconductor products available. Which is all of them.


In Wolfspeed we trust.
What Cree pioneered, Wolfspeed perfects. More and more industries are leveraging the industry-leading performance of Wolfspeed SiC and GaN as they develop next-generation applications and devices for RF and Power. We know because we're keeping count.

hours on the job. Not bad for a "new" company.

The Wolfspeed RF product portfolio has rocketed past 100 billion hours of end-consumer usage as designers embrace the advanced capability of GaN technology. It's a number that's increasing with great frequency.

hours in the field. And counting.

Meanwhile, SiC has powered Wolfspeed's MOSFETs, Schottky diodes and power modules past two trillion hours of 650V - 1700 V end-customer usage worldwide. Absolute power inspires absolutely.
Date 5/30/2016 
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