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Summary Elizabeth Warren: Apple, Amazon and Google are screwing us 
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" ... Potential vice-president and Wall Street critic Elizabeth Warren has accused tech giants Apple, Amazon and Google of undermining competition and using their political clout to kill off efforts to place limits on them. ...

As for the solution, Senator Warren suggests several ways in which the president could resolve the concentration of power:

Say no to anti-competitive mergers
Pay closer attention to vertical mergers
Require all federal agencies to promote market competition and appoint heads who will do so
"Strong Executive leadership could revive antitrust enforcement in this country and begin, once again, to fight back against dominant market power and overwhelming political power," she pitches. ..."

It looks like the Elizabeth Warren's solution to "concentration of power" in tech industry is to concentrate more power in the politicians' hands!

Time to choose wisely in the next elections!
Date 6/30/2016 
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