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Summary The Hunger for Unconstitutional Government Powers 
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" ... Read America's insane draft crypto-borking law that no one's willing to admit they wrote. Understandable - it's more stupid than expected.

A draft copy of a US law to criminalize strong encryption, thought to be authored by Senators Richard Burr (R-NC) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), has been leaked online.

"The absurdity of this bill is beyond words," wrote computer forensics expert and police trainer Jonathan Ździarski.

"Due to the technical ineptitude of its authors, combined with a hunger for unconstitutional governmental powers, the end result is a very dangerous document that will weaken the security of America's technology infrastructure."

Which is a good reason why the authors haven't put their name to it. El Reg suspects the draft is a trial balloon leaked deliberately by someone within or close to the committee to gauge reactions before amendments. Burr and Feinstein have both been touting the legislation around Washington and yesterday sources in the White House said the executive branch wasn't going to support the legislation, and it won't be alone.

"This legislation says a company can design what they want their back door to look like, but it would definitely require them to build a back door," said Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR).

"For the first time in America, companies who want to provide their customers with stronger security would not have that choice - they would be required to decide how to weaken their products to make you less safe." ... "
Date 4/8/2016 
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