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Summary Swedish activist Peter Dahlin 'confesses' on China TV 
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Is it safe to travel to China, even on business trips? Could you be subject to kidnapping, torture or threat of torture?

" ... A detained Swedish rights activist has appeared on Chinese state television apparently confessing to breaking the law through his group's activities.

Peter Dahlin has been held since early January amid a crackdown on human rights lawyers and activists.

State media said his organization had received foreign funding to "instigate confrontations" and gather information to produce "distorted" reports.

The rights group has condemned and denied the government's allegations.

Chinese Urgent Action Working Group (China Action) called the report "absurd" and said the confession appeared to be forced.


China Action, founded by Mr Dahlin, provides direct legal aid to people alleging human rights violations, and assistance to uncertified lawyers to provide legal aid in rural areas.

State media broadcast Mr Dahlin's statement in a TV report on Tuesday night, which included the apparent confessions of two Chinese members of the group.

The Xinhua news agency also published a report online saying police had broken up an "illegal organization jeopardizing China's national security".

Peter Dahlin was arrested at Beijing airport as he was about to leave the country. The authorities could easily have just cancelled his visa after he had gotten on a plane, and ended the activities of Mr Dahlin and his NGO - the Chinese Urgent Action Working Group.

Instead they have decided to make a very public example of a Westerner who had ventured into the area of human rights. In particular Chinese state media is accusing Mr Dahlin of being a "plant" directed by what are described as "Western anti-China forces."


In July, the Chinese authorities launched what appeared to be a widespread crackdown, when more than 280 human rights lawyers and activists - along with their associates - were summoned, detained or just disappeared. The arrests have been widely seen as the state's attempts to stifle dissent. ... "
Date 1/20/2016 
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