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Summary Horrors of one-child policy leave deep scars in Chinese society 
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" ... BEIJING — His wife was seven months pregnant with their second child when the group of people barged into his home and took her away. He followed them to the local hospital, where — against medical advice and despite his pleadings — they jammed a needle into her belly.

"They grabbed my wife's body like they were grabbing a pig, four or five people holding her hands and legs and head, and injected a shot into her belly," the man said, asking not to be named for fear of retribution. "Neither my wife nor I signed any consent form."

Ten hours later, she gave birth to a boy, wriggling and faintly crying. But the doctors in southern Hunan province would not even let her hold the dying infant, the husband said, putting the baby in a plastic bag and instructing him to pay a cleaner a small sum to bury it on a nearby hill.

The incident happened not during the horrors of some Mao Zedong-inspired mania in the 1950s or 1960s, but in 2011, in the Internet age and when China was walking proudly on the global stage as a major power.


In 2005, a lawyer, Chen Guangcheng, filed a class action lawsuit against the authorities for the enforcement of the policy, but as result spent years in jail and under house arrest himself. In 2012, the blind "barefoot lawyer" fled to the shelter of the U.S. Embassy and is now a visiting scholar at the Catholic University of America.


"The policy created a deformed society, and cast a shadow in people's minds, that you can do nothing in the face of state power," he said. "Think about it: People do not even have control over their own body, they cannot even protect their own child."

In 2012, public opinion was galvanized when a chilling photograph circulated widely on social media showing a mother lying on a hospital bed with the corpse of her son, after officials forced her to have an abortion. ... "
Date 10/30/2015 
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