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Summary Analog Design Engineer - Cirrus Logic, Austin, TX 
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Cirrus Logic's Mixed Signal Audio Division is seeking highly skilled Analog IC Design Engineers to join our team developing high performance data converter IC's for professional and consumer audio markets.

In this position you will be responsible for the development of analog and mixed signal circuitry in high performance mixed signal audio processing IC's. You will participate in all aspects of the design including specification, architectural development, transistor level design, layout supervision, chip level verification, and lab validation.

Qualifications include:
Strong knowledge of analog integrated circuit design fundamentals
CMOS operational amplifier design skills
Discrete time and continuous time signal processing skills
Expert knowledge in delta sigma data converter design
Transistor and system level simulation skills
Strong lab and silicon validation skills
Strong written and verbal communication skills
Proven experience taking designs from concept to mass production

Educational and Professional Requirements:
Candidates must possess a Master's or Doctorate degree in Electrical Engineering and 4+ years of professional experience in mixed signal CMOS circuit design.
Date 6/20/2015 
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