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Summary solar mppt techology 

We have developed best Mppt chage controller up to 50 KW which gives above 90% efficieny

LCD/LED indication
Full power and soft start
Strong adaptability and stability
Safe and reliable with built-in fuse
Temperature controlled fan, safe & efficient
Low voltage protection
Over voltage protection
Short circuit protection
Over temperature protection
Microcontroller based Mosfet or IGBT switching.
Control device - MICROCONTROLLER
Power topology - Three phased interleaved switching
Switching element - MOSFETs for lower and IGBT for higher wattage and voltage
Charging algorithm - Four-level charge with boost, CV, Release and Trickle.
Switching frequency in each phase is 20KHz, resultant switching frequency in the final output 40KHz.
Low ripple current in input and output due to inter-leaved switching.
Panel reverse protection
Battery full charge cut-off
Lightning protection
Battery reverse protection (optional)
Very Low Power consumption from battery during night when sunlight is not available
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mY Number - +91 9845084302
Date 1/7/2016 
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