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Summary Honda's new Clarity Fuel Cell is more like your car than ever before 

" ... Honda has revealed the next-generation of its Clarity Fuel Cell sedan at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. While it represents the company's latest hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) developments, the Clarity Fuel Cell is in many ways more like your everyday car than any HFC has ever been before.

Until now, most HFC vehicles have been converting hydrogen to electricity in complex systems that often take up valuable passenger or cargo space in the car. The hydrogen (H2) storage cylinders used in these vehicles can be bulky, as can the fuel cell stacks themselves. Further, the refueling process, while faster than re-charging a large battery, has usually been relatively slow when compared to pumping gasoline.

The Clarity Fuel Cell changes that, Honda says. The new Clarity is a standard five-seat midsize sedan with all of the room and versatility that buyers in the segment expect. This despite being capable of carrying enough H2 to propel it for up to 700 km and requiring only three minutes to fill at a refueling station. ... "
Date 10/30/2015 
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