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Summary Nuclear Energy is Clean, Safe Energy 

" ... The culture of anti-nuclear activism has dwindled significantly in recent times precisely because of the recognition that nuclear energy provides unmatched benefits to the environment. There was nothing new in the arguments of the recent column. They were recycled from a generation ago and largely debunked through five decades of America's successful operation of more than 100 carbon-free nuclear power plants.

... Christie Todd-Whitman, former secretary of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), recently pointed out that, "Nuclear energy provides 98 percent of Florida's carbon-free electricity, and Florida's reactors have effectively offset 15 million tons of carbon emissions each year, which is the equivalent of removing 3 million cars from the road annually."

The informed environmental community, once opposed to nuclear energy, has now largely come full circle on utilizing science and the atom as a clean source of electricity. It has been well-stated by Dr. Patrick Moore, a leading environmental activist the last half century and former co-founder of Green Peace: "My opinion that nuclear energy is safe, clean and sustainable was formed in the mid-1990s during the reconsideration of energy policy in light of climate change.

"It is obvious that nuclear energy, when replacing fossil fuel technology, reduces CO2 emissions by more than 95 percent. My primary reasons for supporting nuclear energy are that it is superior to other technologies as a long-term, cost-effective, safe and clean source of electrical power." ... "

Date 9/26/2015 
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