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Current Doubler topology

Answer/SolutionQUESTION: I recently purchase your software, and I was wondering why the current doubler rectifier is not modeled in any of the simulations.
ANSWER: Our SMPS Power Supply Design - Excel spreadsheet file is able to calculate the output inductors for the current doubler topology. Choose ks=2 on the DC_DC sheet. The Spice average model is basically the buck model. You have to be careful in determining the values for the inductor and the transformer turn ratio. We suggest as an intermediate stage to transform the current doubler topology in the "true" center tap equivalent topology, and create the Spice average model from the center tap equivalent. The component values required for the simulation are more direct and obvious in the center tap topology. By "true" center tap equivalent we understand the center tap equivalent that will preserve the same current in the primary of the power transformer. Customers that bought our Full SMPS Spice Models simulation package received, free of charge, the files used the generate the data for our technical article: "Current Doubler Topology". 

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