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Project "Prometheus"

  Version:zP Year: 2015
  Output Power: 2,000VA
  Output Voltage: 240Vrms
  Input Voltage: 375-455Vdc
  THD @ Full Load: <4.0%
  Power Density: >90W/in3 - 3.675" x 3.825" x 1.575"
  Efficiency: >97% @ 50-100% load

Project "Nemesis"

  Version:B2 Year: 2010
  Output Power: 150W
  Output Voltage: 48V
  Input Voltage: 108-305Vac
  THD @ Full Load: 9.8% @ 277Vac, 4.2% @ 120Vac
  Efficiency: 94% @ 277Vac, 92% @ 120Vac

Project "Raptor"

  Version:3g Year: 2003
  Output Power: 8.1kW
  Output Voltage: 54V
  Input Voltage: 3x 180-264VacVac
  Power Density: 21W/in3 - 5" x 5" x 15.5"
  Efficiency: 91% @ 230Vac

Project "Ultimate"

  Version:et Year: 2000
  Output Power: 2.45kW
  Output Voltage: 27.2V
  Input Voltage: 176-275Vac

Project "Xanadu"

  Version:ax Year: 1997
  Output Power: 1.4kW
  Output Voltage: 54V
  Input Voltage: 176-276Vac
  Cooling: Natural convection, 50C maximum ambient temperature
  Efficiency: 92% @ 230Vac
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