AC/DC Power supply design - Single Phase, 2.45kW

Version: zh 2004     Project "Ultimate"  
  PFC Calculates Boost PFC main components, voltages and currents  
  PFC_Ind Calculates Boost inductor, number of turns, core and copper loss  
  DC_DC Calculates Power Transformer turn ratio, output inductor value  
  PWR_Tr Calculates Power Transformer number of turns, core, copper loss  
  Out_Ind Calculates Output Inductor number of turns, core and copper loss.  
  Losses Calculates losses for all stages, max case temperature, efficiency  
  PFC_Loops Calculates the values for current and voltage loops.  
  DC_DC_Loops Estimates the compensation network for DC/DC stage.  
  Other Estimates parameters for other inductors, bas bars, shunts  
  Sat_Ind Calculates a magnetic snubber.    
  Ind Calculates a generic inductance.    
  Ind_K Calculates the coupling coefficients for a Spice model.  
This Excel file contains design calculation for a SMPS with the following specifications:  
  Pout=   2,450 W (500 to 6,750 W)    
  Vin=   176-275 Vac (85 to 528 Vac)    
  Voutn=   27.22 Vdc (1.5 to 540 Vdc)    
  Ioutn=   90 A (1 to 500 A)    
  Switching Frequencies: PFC= 140 kHz (25 to 500 kHz)    
    DC/DC= 180 kHz (50 to 1,000 kHz)    
Input data can be changed to design a similar power supply.    
Nominal Conditions:            
1 Nominal AC Input Voltage          
2 25°C Ambient Temperature          
3 Full Power (Nominal DC Output Voltage x Nominal Output Current)  
In BLUE color are data that you MUST ENTER.          
In PINK color are data that are calculated by the spreadsheet, or copied from another page. DO NOT  
In RED color are data calculated by the spreadsheet. DO NOT MODIFY DATA IN RED COLOR.  
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See the full spreadsheet at: ADH2450Deszg.xls

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