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DC/DC Converter design

Input dataVba=407 VdcAverage Boost Voltage  
  Vbm=407 VdcMinimum Boost Voltage  
  Iba=21.4 AAverage PFC output current  
  fdc= kHzSwitching Frequency, DC/DC Converter  
  Voutn= VdcNominal DC Output Voltage  
  Voutx=59.400 VdcMaximum DC Output Voltage  
  Ioutn= AdcNominal Output Current  
  Ioutx=165.00 AdcMaximum Output Current  
  Ddch= %Duty Cycle head-room @ Maximum Output Voltage 
 Dicx= %Max available PWM IC Duty Cycle Due to PWM IC
 Effdc=93.48 %DC/DC Efficiency  
  Effdc= %DC/DC Efficiency, initial estimation copy from above cell
 Irdc= %Ripple Current, Output Ind., Nom. Output, pk-pk, % from avg 
 Im= %Magnetizing current, primary, pk-pk, max, % from avg 
 tsw= nsVoltage Rise and Fall times for bridge switches 
 Rdson=0.152 OhmActual MOSFET(s) Rds ON  
  Coer=595 pFMOSFET output capacitance @ Vba  
  VF=1.71 VDiode(s) forward voltage at operating current 
 Vrpn= mVrmsOutput Maximum Ripple Voltage, Nominal Output 
 Ilss= %Minimum load for Soft Switch  
  kp=  1 for Hard Switching, 2 for Phase Shift 
 ks=  1 for Center Tap, 2 for Current Doubler 
 N=0.1667  Actual Secondary to Primary Turn Ratio 
Intermediate Pomax=8,100 WMaximum Output Power, DC/DC Stage  
data tdc=7.14 usSwitching Period, DC/DC Converter  
  Iavg=25.0 AAverage primary current  
  Irdcpk=3.9 APrimary pk-pk ripple current reflected from sec. 
 Impk=7.4 APrimary pk-pk magnetizing current  
  Idppx=11.3 AppPrimary total pk-pk current  
  Itpk=30.6 APeak Current Bridge Switch  
  Ibchfx=8.7 ArmsDC input Capacitor, max HF ripple current 
 Vt=3.79 VAverage Voltage drop, Bridge Switches @ Nominal Output 
 Ddcx1= 97.4% Maximum Available Duty CycleDue to dV/dt + IC
  Nm=0.1654  Minimum Secondary to Primary Turn Ratio 
 Ilopk=161.6 ApkOutput Inductor Peak Current  
  Ilopp=23.1 AppOutput Inductor Ripple, Peak to Peak  
  Irpr=6.7 ArmsOutput Inductor Ripple, RMS  
Output data Iprrms=25.2 ArmsRMS Current, Transformer Primary  
  Iscrms=75.1 ArmsRMS Current, Transformer Secondary Eq. end to end - Idc
 Loc=1.40 uHOutput Inductor, calculated  
  Lo= uHOutput Inductor, chosen  
  Comin=758 uFMinimum Output Capacitor (Zero ESR)  
  C401=2,952 uFOutput Capacitor(s), chosen  
  Resrx=0.7 mOhmMaximum Output Capacitor ESR (Infinite capacitance) 
 ESR1=9.3 mOhmOutput Capacitor(s) ESR, chosen  
  RLoad=0.360 OhmLoad Resistance  
  Vrp2=60.5 mVrmsOutput ripple voltage, first stage filter 
 Attn2m=12.1  Required second stage filter attenuation  
  Llkg=1.34 uHLeakage inductance for soft switch  
  tdlk=154.9 nsDead time due to leakage inductance  
  Ddcn=88.12 %Nominal DC/DC Stage Duty Cycle  
  Ddcx=93.06 %Max available DC/DC Stage Duty Cycle Due to dV/dt & Llkg

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